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Choosing a construction cleaning company

Construction cleaning can be a significant task, as the nature of the work often results in large amounts of dust, rubble, debris and rubbish.

The most important step is to ensure your place has had a proper after-builders clean before you occupy it again. To this end you do not want to be hiring just a regular cleaning company as specialised tools, equipment, processes and solvents are required to ensure you do get the most thorough of construction cleans.

This blog will cover the things to look out for when choosing your post construction cleaning company.

The Importance of an after-builders clean

Having a professional cleaning company keep your construction project clean as you progress is just as important as any cleaning that happens afterwards. A skilled after-build cleaning company will be there to support you through the entire life of the project. Some aspects of cleaning or disposal need special considerations.

Debris should be disposed off correctly and as per existing guidelines and legislations. With the sheer size of some projects, you could find yourself needing to clear through a lot of rubbish to keep your working environment clear, accessible and safe.

The right construction cleaning company will ensure the space is safe and maintained to ensure you can easily work efficiently and productively.

Another benefit from after-build cleaning is that it will remove those harmful air pollutants and dust molecules that are often invisible to the eye. These can cause long term health damage. All other hazards will also be completely removed such as screws, nails or other material left behind. We will ensure a spotless finish including in those hard to reach areas.

Why leave Construction Cleaning to the professionals?

After builders cleans require a lot of work and specialised equipment, to even carrying out the standard tasks. Sourcing of the right professional equipment can be difficult, especially when it involves high costs for the right tools. Also, without the right training can lead to extensive cleaning times. So that is why the right construction cleaning company will save time and money as with the right tools and training, even large cleaning tasks can be completed in a more timely manner.

Best Practices for Construction Cleaning

When looking for the right construction cleaning company, several factors should be considered to lead you to the right choice.

Skills and Training

The commercial cleaning company should have a team of professional technicians that are correctly trained to carry out the thorough post construction cleaning. Technicians should always stay up to date with the latest industry changes in cleaning equipment and employ the latest technology.

To go above and beyond, the best commercial cleaning companies will provide their technicians with options for continued training throughout the years to continue to enhance their skills and proficiency.

Professional grade equipment & cleaning products

It is also important to consider the cleaning equipment the company uses. Regular cleaning equipment isn’t as sufficient at handling heavy-duty material such as gravel, dirt and other rubble. However, a good professional cleaning company will be able to effectively clear this unwanted material.

Specialist cleaners are equipped with the best commercial equipment such as high-powered vacuums that are much longer, able to reach any surface and with enough strength to effectively remove any air pollutants.

Other professional cleaning equipment include:

  • Pressure washers
  • Polishers
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Scrubbers/sweepers (pedestrian, ride-on)

Awareness of Site Safety

Construction Cleaning companies should have excellent awareness of site safety, especially taking into consideration PPE when working in a potentially hazardous environment. When cleaning with any high-intensity chemicals or being exposed to pollutants, they should be equipped with:

  • Gloves – thick rubber gloves should provide the wearer with protection against any chemical damage to skin.
  • Hair ties – long hair should be out of the way when cleaning to avoid any hair contact with harmful chemicals.
  • Aprons – protects from spillages and marks whilst also helping store cleaning items like cloths/sprays for those with pockets. They should be appropriately sized for the situation (larger apron covering more of the body when handling more dangerous substances).
  • Glasses – prevents substances coming into contact with your eyes, potentially leading to serious damage, if not blindness. Make sure these are cleaned so you can see well out of them to avoid any accidents.
  • Shoe covers – should go over any footwear to protect from spillages, particularly when involved in floor cleaning that can get messy. New shoes may potentially be required so it’s always worth checking if this is the case.

Offer a flexible cleaning schedule

Different companies will require different working hours so it’s always worth finding a company that can work around your times and personal needs. Getting in contact is a great way to find out more information and arrange for them to work at specific times.

It’s also worth considering that you will most likely want the space to be cleaned relatively quickly so you can get it back up and running so making sure the company is able to fulfil the job within the required time is essential.

Licensed and Insured

Companies should be correctly licensed and insured, showing they are following the correct guideline is mandatory for any professional cleaning company as it demonstrates they are responsible for handing specific cleaning chemicals and responsibly, with an awareness of how to respond after a workplace accident or emergency.

There are two key insurances that cleaning companies should invest in before handling any work.

Public liability insurance protects your business in the event someone is accidentally injured as a result of the work you carried out. This could be a slip or a fall and will help protect you against any legal fees you would otherwise be required to pay.

Employers’ liability insurance protects your employees if they’re injured or become ill as a result of working for your business. This is a legal requirement if you have staff and can cover damages, compensation costs and legal fees you would otherwise be required to pay.

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