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The Process of Construction Cleaning

What is the Process of Construction Cleaning?

A messy work site can be cleaned and made safe very soon using construction cleaners. Construction cleaning is more complicated than a regular cleaning job due to the quantity of debris present at the job site and the nature of the materials to be removed. Glue residue, stickers, construction dust, building scraps, and paint overspray are often present and must be dealt with by the cleaning personnel.

Construction cleaning employs a variety of professional cleaning methods and equipment to thoroughly clean a construction site post-construction cleaning. post-construction cleaning crews utilise certain techniques.

Inspection Of Work-site and Initial Quote

Certain professional construction cleaners will quote without seeing the job sight while others will inspect the site to evaluate the extent of the job. The kinds of materials required to be removed, the size of the site and the building’s design determine how much time is needed to clean the space.

If the work-site possesses a high amount of toxic construction materials that are required to be handled, the job will cost more . Certain toxic materials like asbestos can be handled only by the licensed cleaners and the existence of this material can greatly enhance the cost of site cleanup.

Construction cleaning requires a wide amount of tools that include mops and buckets, extension poles, a shop vac with HEPA filter, ladders, brooms, micro-brushes, scrapers, microfibre cloths, non toxic cleaning solutions, rubbish bags, spray bottles, and solvents for label removal. Construction cleaners also make the use of safety equipment because of the presence of dangerous materials on a work site.

Rough Cleaning

Rough cleaning is carried out from the start of the project until the main building structure, plumbing, electrics and water-tightness is all in-place bar any snagging. During this stage, as much dust and Debris are removed from the construction site. Other cleaning tasks performed during the rough clean comprise of:

  • Removal of Rubbish from the site
  • Exterior cleaning of debris from site
  • Washing of Floors

After-Build Cleaning

The After-Build clean is done either towards the end or midway through a construction project. During this stage, dust and Debris is completely removed from the construction site. Other cleaning tasks performed during the rough clean comprise of:

  • Removal of Rubbish from the site
  • Removal of Adhesive residues from doors, walls and windows  
  • Cleaning of Window frames and panes
  • Cleaning of Ventilation systems
  • Hard Floor Scrubbing

After-Paint Cleaning

The After-Paint clean occurs after the internal decoration of the construction project. It consists of each and every step of the After-Build Cleaning phase. The building is extremely comprehensively and thoroughly cleaned and cleaners very carefully remove fingerprints and smudges. Floors receive their final finish. After the final cleaning, the space is absolutely ready to move into.

  • Removal of Rubbish from the site
  • Removal of Excessive caulking from fittings, fixtures and around benches
  • Removal of Paint over-spray
  • Removal of Adhesive residues from doors, walls and windows  
  • Thorough cleaning of all windows, glass partitions and sliding glass doors
  • Cleaning of Window frames
  • Cleaning of Ventilation systems
  • Dusting of Ceilings
  • Washing and dusting of Light fixtures and fans
  • Washing for removing smudges, dust, dirt, and scuff marks
  • Dusting and wiping of electrical switches, Handrails, and mantels
  • Cleaning of baseboards and the trim
  • Exterior cleaning of debris from gardens
  • Power washing of exterior walls
  • washing of Floor
  • Polishing and buffing of Hard floors

Hand-Over Clean

No sooner than 48-hours before your completed project is handed over to the client, a final clean is required. This stage is called the Hand-Over Clean (or otherwise known as Sparkle Cleaning). All Dust is removed, any final fingerprints, smears and smudges found and removed. All fixtures and fittings buffed to a high shine and all glass perfected. The project will be a show-piece for handing over.

Touch-Up Cleaning

If a few weeks pass after the final cleaning and no hand-over was made; dust gets settled in the property and additional cleaning is required. This stage is called touch up cleaning. Dust is removed and cleaners once-again clean walls, ceilings, windows and floors; addressing any settling issues that have arisen since the final clean.

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