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Phase 1: Initial Site Cleaning

Initial Site Cleaning Services occur once the framing of the building is completed. 

Plumbers and electricians have completed their part of the construction; 

Upon this stage stickers are peeled off windows and removed from major appliances

Rubbish and debris are swept and removed; A thorough sweep; vacuum and dusting is carried out. All rubbish cleared off-site.

Once these tasks are carried out the site is ready for further preparation and construction work; such as painting; flooring; fixtures and cabinets. 

Phase 2 – Detailed Cleaning

During this stage; cleaning will be more detailed and targeted.

This includes meticulous cleaning of washrooms; kitchens; Internal fixtures and fittings

Every square inch is covered; from door frames to window sills.

Dust; Debris and soiling is all cleaned and areas fully addressed.

This step is usually completed prior to the final inspection of the property by the contractor.

Final Hand-Over

In the final stage of the site clean-up; cleaners work off a ‘checklist’ to ensure all work has been completed

This list includes all cleaning information to make the property all perfect for final hand-over / visits and openings

By this point; the constructions teams and contractors have all completed their walkthroughs and the project is finished

This list includes all cleaning information to make the property perfect for final hand-over / visits and openings. 

This is the last and final step before the property is completed.

Site-Office / Welfare Facilities?

We can keep those cleaned regularly for you.